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When trees are planted, they are in essence ‘born’ and must be nurtured to full maturity. This is a critical component of the ‘Plant your Age’ campaign.

The Plant Your Age Campaign

The Plant Your Age campaign seeks to enhance and unify tree growing across Kenya and Africa as a personalized commitment to environmental conservation. Although there are already numerous tree planting campaigns championed by different players and entities, they are often time-bound and splintered, which makes it challenging to track progress and ensure both the survival and flourish of planted trees. Plant your age doesn’t seek to replace or outshine any of these tree-planting exercises. Rather, seeks to enhance and unify tree growing at individual, corporate and national levels.

Every 14th of September

“The Plant your Age Initiative advocates for Kenyans to endeavor to plant trees equivalent to their ages and ensure that they grow.”

At every 14th of September, there will be a ‘Plant Your Age’ day. It will serve as an awareness creation day for the populace to prepare to plant and grow trees equivalent to their relevant ages during the following rainy season. Read more about our mother organization: Green Africa Foundation here

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